My goal is to create an international chain of love, beautiful memories, positive views on Greece from famous and non-foreign philhellenes, as well as to remind the diaspora Greeks to send whatever will boost our morale. So spread the word around about the site to both strangers and friends, to your Greek relations and friends who live abroad and ask them to answer the following questions:


1.   What is your most beautiful memory or the image you have of Greece and the Greeks that you would like to share with us now that my country needs friends more than ever? (Send us photos, videos or whatever else you like).
2.   When do you intend to visit Greece and what is the first thing you can think of that you would like to do or see here?

Please send your comments here enikol@hol.gr or irene@enikolopoulou.gr

Cate - London, UK
Cate - London, UK
Cate works at apple store covent garden. My farher loves greek dance. I have visited Parga near Lyknos Ipiros. I had 3 months holiday in summer of 2011.
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Ιrene Natividad Global Summit of Women President
You don't run away from people when they're in need, so to ostracize Greece because it its economy is in crisis seems silly since the entire European region is in trouble, while the rest of the world is still in a recession.
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Mara Markopoulou
First of all I would like to congratulate you for this page.

I was brought up in Chios, my beloved island. I left when I was 18 years old, when I went to Athens to study Law. Since then I’ve lived in Athens, the greatest city and more wonderful to live, because the beauties of the city are so many….. and more to find out.
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Poul Smidt
Danish journalist looks back to the time, when he  first fell in  love with Greece  Yes, I remember the morning of April 21 1967, it was a Sunday morning, the colonels comitted high treason and wiped out the greek democracy and beginning a period of 7 years dictatorship.
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Portchie & Helena Viljoen stellenbosch South Africa
Portchie & Helena Viljoen Stellenboch South Africa
Τα δύο αδέρφια διατηρούν ένα εμπορικό  με καλόγουστα δώρα και την ίδια στιγμή ο Portchie ζωγραφίζει. Διαβάστε τι μας είπαν για την Ελλάδα.
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Stig Elliot Nyegaard - Denmark
We have been there many times - first trip in Rhodos before my mother died it was in 1964 - later I was there with my wife being the CEO of Royal Awards for Environement - established by European Environment Agency. And we have many good discussions with Greek officials on  the present situation in Greece - we will back you up as much as possible.  I wrote the 'Selfconfidence' law in the spring 2011 also translated to Greek language -see www.lawofselfconfidence.com or www.selvtillidsloven.dk and perhaps one or two persons could participate in the conferene for youth in May 12-16.
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John Szemerey
John Szemerey - Hungary
Heard about your website and the worry of Greek people that other Europeans do not like them. Let me assure you that the vast majority of Europeans have a great respect for Greece and Greeks, and in many cases a great liking also. We all know that Greece was the beginning of civilised European history, and that Greeks have been very successful in different walks of life, such as running shipping lines. I have had very pleasant contacts with Greece and Greeks
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Christos Theodorakakis - Canada
The link below will help you understand why since.....430 BCE I was a "Greece Lover" and why since the last.... 50 years at least I have been a disappointed..."Greece Lover"!
The link below will lead you to an interesting Youtube video which I am sure you will find it interesting and may want to include it in the historical documentary for CNBC
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