Award for contribution to journalism and culture from Rethymno schools (2003)
The most original award from every point of view that I ever received was the one I received from Rethymno. The hot-blooded Cretans probably felt my deep love for the island, my irresistible attraction for their land, their traditions, their hospitality, the love in their folk songs, their finger-licking food, raki, the only drink I down in one, like life….

In a hall in the middle of nowhere, in an atmosphere of ‘’tears of joy’’, I was speechless to see with me that day a strong Cretan girl, Paralympic champion Eleni Samaritaki and the terrific teacher, writer, woman of knowledge, Maria Tsirimonaki. Everyone was there, the local authorities, the schools and me on my own. Completely on my own. It just happened like that… but you feel it more when you want to share your joy. The only exception was my friend and colleague, Giannis Kalaitzakis, one of the most intelligent people I know, director of the Cretan Review and my ‘guru’ in Cretan history, customs and traditions.

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