I was the object of so much mud-slinging and disdain from female co-travellers on the road to equality – not all, heaven forbid – that I regretted getting involved and not devoting more time to my daughter. Why am I blaming the award? No reason. Quite the contrary. I was presented with the award by an iron-willed lady, Aliki Giotopoulou Maragopoulou, for my journalistic involvement and promotion of women’s issues.

During this ceremony I held onto the hand of my four year-old daughter, Elena. It is no coincidence that I held her hand many times and at many points in my difficult career. She would pull me saying for example, ‘mum don’t go to London for Diana ‘cos I’ll miss you (and she missed me for about 12 days), or ’’mum don’t go to Hawaii for the premiere showing of Pearl Harbour ‘cos it’s my birthday party’’ (and I went and brought her back 10 gifts but she still cried at her party).

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